Wednesday 20th November


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08:00 - 08:55


Welcome Address

08:55 - 09:05


Geopolitical Macro Panel: Uncertain future uncertain times, or business as usual?

09:05 - 10:00

  • Investigating the global outlook for dollar-euro-sterling in 2020 post Brexit

  • Is US trade pressure going to continue and what does it mean for currencies?

  • Currency wars 2.0 – how geopolitics and monetary policy will shape up in 2020

  • Changes in Volatility: who will be the big winners?


Evolving FX market structure: Liquidity. Data. Regulation.

10:00 - 11:00

  • How are alternative liquidity providers shaking up the game?

  • Is big data changing the sector and how can we monitor and use it effectively? Is the future all electronic?

  • What impact is regulation having on the market?


Morning break & speed networking

11:00 - 11:30



Stream 1 - Trading & Fintech

Transparency: Is last look dead?

11:30 - 12:05

  • Is last look dead? How can transparency around FX and dealing be improved?

  • While most firms have adhered to the forex global code of conduct, many have no public disclosures on their last look practises. How should this be addressed?

  • Does a lack of transparency create reputational risks for providers of agency execution algorithms?

  • What role should electronic communications networks play in the last look policies of counterparties?

  • The impact of MIFD 2

What is the future of sell-side?

12:05 - 12:45

  • Growth of the alternative providers and new sell-side participants

  • How to adapt to revenue versus costs pressure     

  • What are the large tech challenges faced by banks?


Stream 2 - Investment & Strategy

Hedging your bets: The challenges facing FX hedging

11:30 - 12:05

  • Effective management of derivatives pricing

  • Share class hedging and volatility, where are the pinch points?

  • What are the new challenges hedging faces?

Emerging Markets: New opportunities and outlook in 2020

12:05 - 12:45

  • Volatility: what opportunity does it provide?

  • The impact of trade and currency wars on emerging markets

  • How do you judge liquidity and access local data?

  • How to deal with settlement risk


The future of clearing, credit & prime brokerage

12:45 - 13:20

  • With non-cleared margin rules, who is captured in phase 5?

  • With the growth of exchange and futures trading, what are the alternatives to OTC clearing driving the market?

  • What are the big drivers to clearing and are the buy-side and regional banks doing it?



13:20 - 14:20


Corporates and the global FX market

14:20 - 14:55

  • The changing FX landscape and its impact on large purchases and managing multiple currencies

  • Facing and mitigating macro-economic uncertainty

  • Unique problems faced by large global corporates


Interactive future think tank panel: Algo and AI

14:55 - 15:30

  • Trends and evolution in algo: where are the next big ideas coming from?

  • What are the big risks and where are the limits?

  • How are AI and learning algorithms using data and experience-driven approaches to create the best outcomes?

  • How is data being effectively used in tech?

  • What does tomorrow’s FX trading desk look like in 5, 10 and 15 years?


Afternoon break with eFX Technology Showcase

15:30 - 16:10

  • Grab a coffee with your fellow delegates and watch 4 of the industry's top eFX technology and service providers deliver 5-minute showcase presentations, plus an opportunity to network with presenters afterwards.


Champagne Roundtables

16:10 - 17:10

  • Roundtable A: Algo and tech in focus

  • Roundtable B: The basics of data: where to begin

  • Roundtable C: How to manage political risk



Closing address

17:10 - 17:15


Networking drinks reception

17:15 - 18:30