2017 Programme

2017 Programme



Registration and refreshments


Welcome address:

Eva Szalay, Editor, FX Week


Chief Economist panel: Unwinding post-crisis monetary policies and FX

  • Policy-normalisation after a decade of extra-loose monetary policy - how big are the pitfalls?
  • The euro's turn to shine: a fading Trump-effect in the US and the start of a new dollar cycle have boosted the euro, but how long will the run last?
  • The rough road ahead - should you trust central banks to smooth the tightening process?
  • Emerging markets: the losers and beneficiaries of exiting unconventional monetary policies
  • The prospect for safe-haven currencies in the short-term - an unwelcome return to form?

Moderator: Brian Tomlinson, Senior Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, ALLIANZ GLOBAL INVESTORS

Philippe Waechter, Chief Economist, NATIXIS ASSET MANAGEMENT

Michael Metcalfe, Head of Macro Strategy, STATE STREET GLOBAL MARKETS

Simon Wells, Chief European Economist, HSBC

Guy Verberne, Chief Economist, PGGM


Panel: Liquidity - a qualitative issue

  • The definition of risk warehousing and internalising liquidity providers - do we all mean the same?
  • Relationships or cold, hard data? The counterparty evaluation question
  • The more the merrier-accessing aggregated liquidity and market impact
  • Zero hold times, faster market data and TCA - the end of last look?
  • Full amount and fragmentation - new challenges for LPs?

Moderator: Eva Szalay, Editor, FX WEEK

Patrick Fleur, Head of Trading and Execution, PGGM

Tim Cartledge, Global Head of FX & Head of Product, NEX MARKETS

David Mercer, Chief Executive, LMAX EXCHANGE

Jeremy Smart, Head of Distribution, XTX MARKETS


Panel: Credit and clearing: all change, all change?

  • A rebound in FXPB appetite or a just a flare-up? The new (re-)entrants in the space
  • Collateral and clearing - a comparison of bilateral and clearing costs
  • Options clearing - will it really happen in 2018?

Moderator: David Woolcock, Director - Business Consulting, EUROBASE / Chair, ACI CFP

Kate Lowe, Head of FX Prime Brokerage, STANDARD CHARTERED BANK

Marc Millington-Buck, Head of International FX Business Development, MOSCOW EXCHANGE

Paddy Boyle, Head of ForexClear, LCH

Paul Houston, Global Head of FX Products, CME 

Basu Choudhury, Head of Business Intelligence, NEX


Morning break and opportunity to network


Panel: The increasingly competitive world of prime of prime - an evaluation of products and services

  • PoP is a universally used term, but do all providers mean the same service by it?
  • The relationship between PBs and PoPs - an evaluation of trends
  • Full service PoP offering or liquidity aggregation - spot the difference
  • Matching the right clients with the right products - what to look for

Moderator: James H. Sinclair, Executive Chairman, MARKETFACTORY

Peter Plester, Head of FX Prime Brokerage, SAXO MARKETS

Noel Singh, Head of eFX Business Development, SUCDEN FINANCIAL

Marcus Butt, Global Head Prime Services Sales, NATWEST MARKETS


Presentation: Mastering your FX trade lifecycle: risk management, execution strategies and post trade service

  • In a changing marketplace what are the key considerations as part of a sound risk management strategy?
  • Defining a framework - The crucial question: make or buy?
  • Implementation, Control and Accountability: these are not after thoughts!

Marc Tuehl, Global Head of FX Overlay, HSBC GLOBAL BANKING AND MARKETS


Lunch and opportunity to network

Trading Stream


Corporate Treasurers' panel: Filling in the scorecard

  • Measuring and analysing risks - keeping up with requirements
  • Writing scorecards on counterparties - is price the only consideration?
  • Resourcing FX operations - to outsource or in-house
  • Determining your basic underlying exposures
  • Mitigating fraud

Moderator: Pedro Jimenez, Inhouse Banker, CITIZEN CAN

Jennifer Tinsley, Treasury Director Eurasia, KOMATSU  MINING Corp.

Philip Maton, Treasury Director, LIBERTY GLOBAL

Joseph Peka, Deputy Treasurer, URENCO

Federico Catasta, Head of Risk Management, CNH INDUSTRIAL


Panel: e-FX Trading in 2018: Faster data, less last look and choice, choice, choice

  • The impact of faster market data on execution quality and pricing
  • Full amount execution, diminishing last look streams, listed and OTC and more choice than ever - dealing with unprecedented complexity
  • Performance analysis in execution - from takers as well as the makers
  • Distribution and price formation - the different channels and inputs between spot and derivatives

Moderator: Nick Downes, CEO, FX ADVISORY

John Crisp, Director of Product Strategy and Development, FENICS

Nikos Tsoskounoglou, Head of Algorithmic Trading, ADS SECURITIES

David Ketley, Head of Dealing, HARMONIC CAPITAL

Investor Stream


Presentation: Geopolitics and new alliances: Brexit, Trump and the rest of the world 

  • Has a potential softer Brexit improved the long term outlook of the pound?
  • Examining the impact of the Trump administration on the dollar- should the market anticipate fiscal reform?
  • Following recent election outcomes, what is the outlook for the Euro and Yen into 2018?
  • Has political uncertainty in the West created new opportunities in the East?

Andrew Milligan, Head of Global Strategy, ABERDEEN STANDARD INVESTMENTS


Panel: Emerging Markets and Global Reflation 

  • Spotting the vulnerable and betting on the winners - the differentiating factors
  • Asia vs LatAm, India vs China
  • A return from negative-rates in developed markets and the impact on EM
  • What is the new economy and what does it mean for currency investing?

Moderator: Geoffrey Yu, Head of UK Investment Office, UBS WEALTH MANAGEMENT


Simon Quijano-Evans, Emerging Markets Strategist, LEGAL AND GENERAL INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT

Claire Dissaux, Head of Global Economics and Strategy, MILLENNIUM GLOBAL INVESTMENTS 


Afternoon break and networking


Panel: Mifid II - answers to the final questions

  • As market participants enter the final implementation stage, is there any last-minute guidance from regulators?
  • A look-ahead for 2018: how will regulators evaluate compliance?
  • Supervision and enforcement during year 1 – what can market participants expect?
  • The letter or the spirit of regulation – which will win out?
  • Steps for 2018 and Brexit – what are the potential implications

Moderator: Marshall Bailey, Chairman, CIBC WORLD MARKETS PLC

Stephane Malrait, Global Head of eCommerce and Innovation for Financial Markets, ING

Andrew Harvey, Managing Director - Europe, GFMA

Jasper Jorritsma, Senior Policy Advisor, AFM


Champagne roundtables

Led by an expert speaker, each roundtable will provide delegates with an opportunity to delve deeper into the controversial issues discussed through the second half of the conference. Get your most pressing questions answered... with a chilled glass of champagne in hand of course!


1. MiFID 2: Ideas Exchange

  • How will MiFID II impact global liquidity? What is equivalence? And who is equivalent?
  • Can anyone ever really be ready for MiFID II?

Jasper Jorritsma, Senior Policy Advisor, AFM


2. Cryptocurrencies: the boom or the bubble? Should the FX market care?

David Mercer, Chief Executive, LMAX EXCHANGE


3. FX options: what does the future hold?

  • What areas would we like to see the electronification of OTC market develop?
  • Is there a place for OTC Cryptocurrency Derivatives? Where do we price CryptoVol?
  • What will be the impact of Brexit on FX Options Clearing?

Pritesh Ruparel, Head of Option Origination and Structuring, SUCDEN FINANCIAL


4. The future of the remnimbi - implications for investors?

  • What do the next 12 months have in store for the RMB?
  • Hedging and speculating - the possibilities and hurdles

Geoffrey Yu, Head of UK Investment Office, UBS WEALTH MANAGEMENT


5. FX in London - the end of the UK's dominance?

  • Will Brexit put a stop to London's leading position as the world's largest FX hub?
  • Where to move in Europe and passporting - the possible scenarios?

Kit Juckes, Global Strategist, SOCIETE GENERALE


Chair closing remarks


Drinks reception - sponsored by NEX