2017 Programme




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Welcome address:

Eva Szalay, Editor, FX Week


Macro panel: inflation, political instability and slowing growth

  • Has quantitative easing ruined the investor landscape and will there be a further tightening of monetary policy by central banks?
  • What implications will rising inflation have for G10 interest rates?
  • What does a strong dollar mean for the rest of the world?
  • If China’s GDP growth continues to weaken, what will that mean for its trade partners?
  • Global slowdown: will 2020 witness another recession?

Moderator: Helen Thomas, CEO, Blonde Money

James Ashley, Head of International Market Strategy, Goldman Sachs Asset Management 

Michael Hart, Chief economist and Strategist, City of London Investment Group

Salman Ahmed, Chief Investment Strategist & Portfolio Manager, Lombard Odier Investment Managers


Presentation: FX Global Code – taking stock

  • Why has the buy-side trailed the sell-side in compliance, and how can acceptance of the Code be expedited?


Innovation post-MiFID II – Data analytics, AI and machine learning

  • How is fast data influencing execution processes and pricing?
  • How are MiFID II's data reporting requirements affecting machine learning? 
  • Will artificial intelligence eventually replace algorithms?
  • What place should alternative data have in your trade decision making?
  • Is last look justified in this new era of transparency and tech-assisted best execution? 

Moderator: Richard Bateson, Director, Bateson Asset Management 

Saeed Amen, Founder, Cuemacro 

Jean Marco Aboav, Global Macro Portfolio Manager, Numen Capital


New horizons in prime brokerage and clearing: swaps, options and credit

  • Is clearing facilitating the growth of prime brokerage?
  • How will uncleared margin rules affect brokerage and clearing? 
  • Is there much appetite is there for deliverable FX options and swaps clearing?
  • What role should prime-of-prime play?
  • Should we separate credit and liquidity provision? 
  • Will alternative credit remediation solutions like futures and blockchain replace prime brokerage?

Marc Millington-Buck, Head of International FX Business Development, Moscow Exchange

Tamaryn Nuttal, Head of ForexClear Product, LCH 


Morning break and opportunity to network


Opportunity and uncertainty in a dynamic market: liquidity, execution and regulation

  • What value have non-bank liquidity providers added to market flows, and are there any downsides to their rise?
  • Who holds market risk today? 
  • Has MiFID II helped or harmed liquidity?  
  • With new research rules causing a drop in mid-caps liquidity, is the pain worth the gain for investment research?
  • What themes will dominate the trading agenda over the next 12 months? 

Bac Van Luu, Head of Currency and Fixed Income Strategy, Russell Investments

Nick Wood, Head of Execution, Millennium Global Investors 


The unstoppable rise of APAC markets: bumps in the road to global alignment 

  • Will the Komodo bond market in London continue to strengthen? 
  • Unlocking the investment potential of Rupee internationalisation & India's burgeoning fintech sector
  • Will Indonesia follow Malaysia in liberalising FX?
  • Trade war threats, slowing Chinese growth and rising inflation - will the storm abate? 
  • As China joins mainstream equity indexes, can the renminbi be taken seriously by investors and traders? 

Moderator: Sherry Madera, Special Advisor for Asia, City of London Corporation


Lunch and opportunity to network

Trading Stream
Chair: Eva Szalay, Editor, FX Week


Corporate Treasurers’ panel: unprecedented challenges

  • How should treasurers respond to a potential Brexodus and other geopolitical risks?
  • What are the essential strategies for reducing risk exposure today? 
  • How can treasurers stay on top of the multiple challenges posed by the FX Global Code and regulation? 
  • How can TCA and algorithms empower treasurers? 
  • Will market makers put FX options on global electronic trading platforms, and with what result for corporate treasurers?

Philip Maton, Vice President of Treasury and Head of Risk, Liberty Global


Algorithmic execution, TCA and cyber security – optimizing execution & workflow in an era of increasing market complexity

  • What are the latest innovations traders need to be aware of?
  • How can TCA enhance execution and trade analysis? 
  • Has machine learning mastered the demands of high frequency trading?
  • As players develop more algorithms, how can we ensure they comply with codes of conduct?
  • How far could algorithmic trading eventually extend? Will it transform FX swaps and options?

Victor Lebreton, Head of e-Trading, Quant Hedge 

Investor Stream
Chair: Laura Matthews, Reporter, FX Week 


Geopolitical upheaval and currency valuation: Trump, Brexit and the Euro 

  • What new investment ideas and processes are helping traders navigate the shifting global FX market?
  • How can we expect US policy under Trump to develop over the next 12 months?
  • What does the US-China tariff conflict mean for debt and global trade? 
  • Will Brexit and political instability in Europe harm liquidity and investment opportunities?
  • Is the Euro facing a fight for its continued existence?

James Binny, Global Head of Currency, State Street Global Advisors

Antonio Del Favero, Senior Portfolio Strategist, Rubrics Asset Management 


Uncertainty in Emerging Markets: Debt, sell-offs and trade tensions 

  • How is political and economic activity in Latin America, South Africa, Turkey and elsewhere influencing the market?
  • How are rising interest rates affecting the servicing of emerging market debt? Will there be a repeat of the 2015 crisis?  
  • How will the US-China tariff conflict affect emerging markets?
  • What are the long-term prospects of emerging markets?

Bernd Berg, Global Macro & FX Strategist, Woodman Asset Management 

Craig Botham, Head of Emerging Markets, Schroders 
Kaan Nazli, Senior Economist & EM Head, Neuberger Berman 
Liam Spillane, Head of Emerging Markets Debt, Aviva Investors 


Afternoon break and opportunity to network


Decrypting cryptocurrencies: the future of money or a disruptive craze?

  • What are cryptocurrencies and how do they work? Should you take them seriously and are they secure? 
  • Which market participants are testing the potential of cryptocurrencies?
  • Will there continue to be flash crashes? 
  • What role do cryptocurrencies play in emerging markets? 
  • How can we expect cryptocurrencies to develop in the near future?


Champagne roundtables

Led by an expert speaker, each roundtable will provide delegates with an opportunity to delve deeper into the controversial issues discussed through the second half of the conference. Get your most pressing questions answered… with a chilled glass of champagne in hand of course!


1. FX Global Code

  • Will some jurisdictions make failure to comply a legal offence?
  • Where can we see ambiguities and how can they be resolved?
  • Does the code go far enough? Will it be updated to end fixing through last look and set a common market standard for TCA?
  • How can market participants and regulators collaborate to ensure compliance? 

David Woolcock, Director, Eurobase Banking Solutions


2. The truth about blockchain

  • How does blockchain work, and is it secure?
  • Will the technology be as revolutionary as the development of the internet?
  • What role does blockchain already play in settlement and credit remediation?
  • Could distributed ledgers transform the way regulators work? 
  • How far advanced is the institutional adoption of blockchain, and how will it be used in the future


3. FX as an asset class: where are the investors?

  • Why don’t more investors consider FX an asset class worth investing in?

Philippe Bonnefoy, CEO & Founder, Eleuthera Capital


Chair closing remarks


Drinks reception